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MoMo Bank Web

  • Purpose : Hackathon Project
  • Date : December, 2019 - January, 2020
  • Skills : ReactJS, Redux, React-Bootstrap

MoMo Bank is a digital bank powered by Mobile Money, bringing convenient banking to one’s fingertips. The main reason for creating MoMo Bank was to make banking more convenient for small business owners especially in East Africa. Since Mobilie Money is a major means of financial transactions in East Africa but has its limitations. Techcent decided to create a medium to integrate mobile money and native banking so as to pull from the benefits of both Mobile Money and Banking.
This was a project initially created for a Hackathon.

Among other tasks, I worked on user authentication, safe and convenient deposit and withdraw of money and retrieval of transactions.

MoMo Bank Web Application consumes an API developed using Python Django. There is an Android ap as well

NB: If you choose to visit the MoMo bank application, please use the following dummy credentials to login for demonstration purposes
- Phone number: 256789654123
- Password: 256789654123

Visit web application